Tracy Queen Vol. 02: Tracy Queen V2: Dangerous Experiments

Tracy Queen
Vol. 02: Tracy Queen V2: Dangerous Experiments


Tracy Queen, Volume 2: Dangerous Experiments brings back everyone's favorite love warrior, Tracy Queen! After leaving her grandfather's crime syndicate, she's struck out on her own. Now she's an independent woman with a raccoon for a best friend and a career in adult webcam modeling. But several months into her new life...she's so freaking bored!

Then she discovers her grandfather's gang trafficking a new kind of "merchandise". Tracy takes vengeance, and soon she's rescued four young women from a horrible fate.

Now, Tracy has a new mission: To destroy harmful ideas about who owns women's creating hot, consensual adult entertainment that puts Tracy in charge! First, she must help the women she's rescued get home, transform her warehouse into a film studio, and learn how to vet on-screen partners. Meanwhile, she's sidestepping her grandfather's surveillance. And Dickie Doublefinger, an L.A. smut producer, is trying squash Tracy's freedom! Then, Tracy faces a stunning betrayal that will culminate in a battle where Tracy faces the consequences of her own mistakes...

Award-winning author Lynsey G. reprises her role as a graphic novelist in Volume 2 of this 8-part series, with veteran artist Jayel Draco illustrating, Cardinal Rae lettering, and Tangmo Cecchini creating the cover. Featuring guest art by Shaydens Doodle, Jason Johnson, Dylan Jay Fox, and Sophia Murphy.