Undertow Vol. 3

Undertow Vol. 3

Vol. 3
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THE ORGAN-GRINDER pt. 3 -- More is revealed of the outlaw gang "The Innocents" and their leader. Meanwhile, one-armed Jeremiah McAlester and his parter, Moses the monkey, recoup from the battle in the previous episode, then summon the apparition from inside the Organ. It directs them toward their next inevitable battle in Jeremiah's quest for redemption, or death. Jeremiah lapses into unconsciousness from his wounds and dreams of a time before, and his first encounter with the Organ. Art by Gibson Quarter.

THE FORGETTING pt. 2 -- With the Forgetter killed and the murderer, Sever, escaped with the severed head, it is left for the mysterious stranger, John, to clean up the mess. Other beings around the world have sensed the conflict, along with the birth of the New Light, and set out in search of answers. In his secluded realm, Sever questions his decision to leave the Forgetter's body behind and creates monsters
to seek it out and ensure the Forgetter is truly dead. Art by Adam Gorham.