Unidentified Flying Cupcakes #1

Unidentified Flying Cupcakes
Issue #1


The maiden outing of Unidentified Flying Cupcakes contains three stories...

"Concrete Animals" - Pugnacious Pixie is a typically foul-mouthed teen who's struggling to balance her schoolwork with her social life, so the last thing she needs is to be dubbed the Official Defender of Earth by cosmic elders. Unfortunately, that's exactly what happens to her and this story has the ninja fights to prove it.

"It's a Long Way Back to Germany" - A Nazi scientist and a pair of gangsters have invaded a sacred jungle for nefarious reasons. They feel that they have the means to execute their sinister plot, but have they reckoned with the limitless (and vindictive) powers of Fantomah?

Life's a Gas - McKenzie Jones: Law Hamster has infiltrated a forest that's infested with flying sharks. He's there to serve a court summons to a prodigal survivalist, but he hasn't guessed at the hidden traps behind this seemingly-routine task.