Unidentified Flying Cupcakes #2

Unidentified Flying Cupcakes
Issue #2


Unidentified Flying Cupcakes is back with three "new" stories...

"Father Will Come And Set Me Free" - Theseus' greatest triumph is retold from the perspective of The Minotaur.

"Monkey Sho' Can Talk" - A mad scientist seeks to conquer the world by developing a mind-control serum for use on Gorgon Gorillas. It's too bad for him that he decided to begin his campaign in the jungle protected by Fantomah.

"Walking With A Ghost" - Pugnacious Pixie has beat up a cyclops, foiled a coup in another star system, and plowed through her trigonometry test. As such, she's in no mood for the ghost who's presently haunting her bedroom.