Unidentified Flying Cupcakes #4

Unidentified Flying Cupcakes
Issue #4


Four stories, and a pair of gag strips, adorn the fourth issue of Unidentified Flying Cupcakes. They include...

"Lucky Ol' Sun" - McKenzie Jones: Law Hamster wakes up in the desert after a hideous bender. However, that turns out to be the least of his worries once he discovers that someone has stolen his cowboy hat.

"New Dawn Faces" - An autobiographical comic about this time I was mugged by a drug addict at work.

"Kitchen Chaos on Kalaki 6!" -Lance Lewis: Space Detective solves a locked room mystery at a ritzy hotel in outer space.

"Red Right Hand" - Fantomah's pledge to protect the jungle is put to a severe test when a mad scientist fills the place with a mad gang of flaming monster hands.