Unidentified Flying Cupcakes #5

Unidentified Flying Cupcakes
Issue #5


Unidentified Flying Cupcakes #5 contains three stories...

"53 Miles West of Venus" - Pugnacious Pixie is abducted by the wicked space queen Lady Bolton. Pixie has thwarted the machinations of Lady Bolton before, but this time she's on Bolton's throneworld and is more vulnerable than ever before.

"Runnin' Out of Fools" - Lance Lewis: Space Detective runs afoul of a familiar-looking con artist on a planet in the outer rim.

"Dead Man's Party" - McKenzie Jones: Law Hamster is being haunted by one of the criminals he killed during a raid. It's up to him and Horson S. Tommyknocker to fulfill the ghost's unfinished business and send him to the great beyond.