Victor Victrola® #2

Victor Victrola®
Issue #2


Travel To Oneiric
Travel to Oneiric brings a two part eulogy to the Old World to a close. Here is Victor Victrola® flying across the sky into part unknown.

After having just faced the deep conscious awareness of the death of everything and everyone he's every known in Ashes To Ashes - Chapter I in Travel To Oneiric - Chapter II he now faces the deep subconscious of the same.

Traveling back even deeper and into his childhood interrupted and the difficult and lonely decades that followed.

As he drifts into a deep sleep so to does his ship drift on. Passing Somewhere Over The Rain, Beau, traveling through the state of Oneiric before awakening to a new reality.

Where is The Great Expanse, The Vast Unknown and what is on The Other Side of The Rain? Only time will tell.