Winter City Vol. 1: Every Sin Has a Price

Winter City Vol. 1: Every Sin Has a Price

Winter City
Vol. 1: Every Sin Has a Price
(13 ratings)


Billionaire business-man and philanthropist, Alan McLean, is brutally murdered while in the comfort of his own home. Homicide detectives Janet Harvey and Marshal Daniels are assigned to the case. The situation immediately takes a bizarre turn when a neighbour claims to have seen the Grim Reaper in Alan McLean's yard on the eve of the murder.

With each passing night, as the snow falls heavily on the city, more of the wealthy elite are assassinated by the merciless Grim Reaper killer. Anyone foolish enough to interfere with the killers mission is slaughtered without prejudice. Harvey and Daniels, with little evidence, no obvious connection and a rising murder count, desperately search for clues that might reveal the identity of the masked executioner.

As the detectives move closer to solving the mystery, and capturing the Winter City Reaper, the line between good and evil, heaven and hell, truth and justice becomes increasingly blurred. Which is more sinister and disturbing: the Grim Reaper killer or the cruel and greedy world that created him?

4.5/5 - Fans of dark vigilantes like Spawn and Batman will definitely find something to love with Winter City... another book that needs to be added to my pull list..

9/10 - This title really can knock spots off of some mainstream books... the best thing to come out of Australia since rock band AC/DC.

If you like an engaging story with multiple threads, family angst, hardened cops and the odd violent death, then Winter City delivers that nicely.
Bleeding Cool

This is a dark and disturbing fable that challenges the received wisdom of superhero comics.
The Momus Report

10/10 - The book works as a sort of dark vision of Batman mixed in with the kind of urban grunge that we would normally associate with Romero or Cronenberg.

9/10 - Winter City is here to stay and makes for an iconic fixture in the Australian comic book scene.
The Geek of OZ