Xenia Pamfil

Xenia Pamfil


Xenia Pamfil lives in Transylvania. She has been drawing since she can
remember and she always loves trying new styles and new approaches when it
comes to her artwork, which motivates her to stay fresh and inspired.

After more than 10 years in the mobile game industry she's decided to give
her passion a chance so now she's freelancing as a comic artist and she is
open to commissions.

Her first book, *Mishka and the Sea Devil*, was published by Action Lab in
2014 and released in the same year at NY Comic Con.

Until now she's contributed to titles like *Princeless- Raven the Pirate
Princess* for more than 10 issues, *Zombie Tramp* and she has illustrated
several covers.

Xenia also self-published a little booklet with her original characters *Xiu
and Papoi*, two fun characters that are searching for adventures in an
enchanted fairytale land.

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