Have you ever gotten something you didn't deserve?

There was a man named Barabbas who did. Not much is known about his story. In fact, all we know is that he lived in 1st century Judea and was imprisoned by the occupying forces of Rome for insurrection and murder. Found guilty in a quick and speedy trial, he was sentenced to die by crucifixion - the most humiliating and cruel death the Roman Empire had to offer. But on the same day he was supposed to die a traitor's death, he met the man who would take his place.

That man was Jesus of Nazareth, who willingly took Barabbas' place - and every other person in the world - to die the death that they deserve. The actions of this Nazarene teacher left Barabbas baffled. He deserved to die for his crimes, and yet Jesus - a man innocent of any crime at all - took his place.

Despite this, one question remains to be answered: how did Barabbas come to lead a rebellion against Rome's occupation of Judea and how did he become guilty of murder?

Zealot answers that question.

Join others in discovering how Barabbas led an armed rebellion against Rome in an attempt to free himself, and his people, from oppression. Come discover his untold story.